Goals of Indian Creek Museum

Preservation – to preserve and exhibit artifacts and structures used by southwest Iowa farming families from 1800 through 1940

Education – to educate the public about the agricultural history of Mills County and the surrounding area by providing teaching techniques that show the uses of early farm machinery. These techniques will then be compared to today’s farming practices and to those of the future.

Tourism – to promote heritage and agricultural tourism and provide benefits to the area communities.

Recreation – top provide park visitors with opportunities to become actively involved in outdoor and social activities.

The Indian Creek Museum Complex

Who was Ben Wilson?

Ben Wilson’s grandparents settled north of Hastings, Iowa in 1856 in a log cabin near Mud Creek. They later built a house on higher ground. Ben was the second of nine children. Farming then was hard physical work. Ben saw manpower, horsepower, and finally crude tractor power to refined modern-day machinery.

For an appreciation of this evolution, Ben started collecting and restoring tractors in the early 1960’s. Probably, the John Deere Waterloo Boy, built in 1922, was the first. Now, over one hundred tractors and gas engines grace this collection.

Besides this collection of “old iron” tractors, Ben has an ample supply of hand tools, hay tools, hog oilers, license plates, cast iron seats, corn planters from wood to metal. Ben loved going to different exhibitions, thresher reunions, and auctions. He also enjoyed sharing his private collection with all who would stop by.


Being a member of any organization involves more than paying dues and going to social events. At Indian Creek, members are asked to make a commitment to help with various activities such as special events and to serve as tour guides. Memberships are available for $15 per year for a family and $10 for individuals.